JULY 20-24, 2016
Liberty Bowl
Tiger Lane
Memphis, TN

About Mid-South Bike Fest

Our Quest:
Investing in Memphis One Life at a Time


Bikers & Social Clubs 4 Change

Memphis is a city with a huge heart and reputation for taking care of kids. St. Jude and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in particular are nationally recognized for their determination to cure childhood disease. We deal with another disease that haunts our youth - surviving our most dangerous and poorest neighborhoods. Our Quest lives in this world of community chaos and dysfunctional neighborhood moments. All proceeds from Mid-South Bike Fest support our Quest to give our endangered youth a hand-up during our walk with them in life. We have a long-term, 3-Phase approach:
Phase-1 involves one-on-one mentoring and scholarship opportunities. We have been active in this arena for six years, traveling into these opportunity zones to share our knowledge, wisdom, treasury and spirituality to their benefit.
Phase-2 involves the development of neighborhood “Safe House” programs. This effort has just begun by securing two properties in South Memphis to develop our first projects. These efforts will require coordination with other community resources and negotiated cooperation with local powers of influence. County Mayor Mark Luttrell and the Shelby County Land Bank have been very supportive and helpful as we navigated our way through the approval process of Shelby County Commissioners.
Phase-3 will someday be realized in the development of a second-chance training and production facility for ex-cons who populate these same neighborhoods.

Mid-South Bike Fest is operated by Bikers & Social Clubs 4 Change, an affiliation of 130+ motorcycle and social clubs. Memphis has the largest biker community in Tennessee. Our primary goal is to pursue needed community initiatives that include mentoring activities, scholarship opportunities and Safe House programs for our endangered youth who live in our most challenging neighborhoods. We also promote motorcycle safety and racial harmony. In fact, the theme of Mid-South Bike Fest is “Investing in Memphis 1 life at a time”. As you learn more about us and read our mission statement below, you will begin to understand our view of all of these issues being connected at the grass roots of our community. We invite you to join the team by supporting Mid-South Bike Fest !!!!!!!

Bikers and Social Clubs 4 Change

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Mission Statement

To be an Agent of Change in our Community, by empowering a person to choose life over death, knowledge over ignorance, and joy over pain. We accomplish through efforts that: Promote motorcycle safety awareness; Provide life resources to our youth who live in the most dangerous and poorest neighborhoods of Memphis; Replace old racial divisions with radical racial respect; Nurture a global understanding of violence, bigotry and poverty while recognizing the changing needs of our own Community.

Bikers & Social Clubs 4 Change
Is a 501C3 non-profit organization.

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